Sunday, October 19, 2008

Potty Time

I am proud to say that Jolie has been wearing her big girl Elmo underwear for the last two days. She looks so cute and grown up in them. We have started the three day potty training. Today we had a few pee pee accidents, but I think she is really getting the hang of it. She is starting to get really upset by the fact that she has on wet undies. Hopefully she keeps on this road, and we are successful. Lately her new thing is saying Oh No, so when she pee peed in her undies, she said Oh No Mommy, pee pee. It was really cute.

Something hilarious that she did last night, was after her bath she decided she wanted to stay in the tub without any water. So I let her and she proceeded to pretend to swim, and then when I told her to get out, so we could put on her pj's she looked at me and said night night, and laid down in the tub, took her town and covered herself up. She stayed this way for at least 10 mins, once I figured out how to put up video's you can see it for yourself- it's really cute, especially her little butt cheeks that she didn't cover.

Bedtime has been quite interesting the last few nights. I hate to say it but my baby is ready for a toddler bed. She doesn't like sleeping in her crib anymore, she insist on sleeping on blankets on the floor. The funniest thing is she takes all her blankets (2), Spencer the dog, Elmo, baby, dolly, Cece, and glowee and tucks them all in around her. She actually does really well, and has only come out to get me one time. The time she did was really cute, and again proving to me that my baby is growing up into a little girl. This makes me happy and sad :-( . Any who, the other night when she came out, I asked her why she was still awake and she said hurt mommy hurt, I asked her what hurt and she said teeth hurt mommy, teeth. I had her open her mouth and sure enough all four of those pesky molars were raring their ugly little heads.

Besides Jolie learning new words, sentences, and habits, she has really started exploring her limits. I would use the word push, but that wouldn't be a fair assessment of what is really going on. She is trying to accomplish so much, and is so determined( which isn't a bad thing) that at times she gets really frustrated. Her new outlet for dealing with her frustration is throwing things. It could be a book, toy or my personal favorite- her food, especially the oatmeal, cereal or apple sauce bowl. She has also been throwing her food, when she doesn't want it any more. Yesterday was a prime day for throwing food, not sure what had gotten into her but ever time I turned from cleaning up one mess she was making a new one, sometimes with the same food I had just picked up. I even asked her what she was doing and her reply was UH OH, mess big mess. Yes Jolie when you throw your hummus all over the floor, it does make a big mess. :-)
The sad thing, is that it's so hard to discipline her when she is being so darn cute about it.

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