Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funny things Jolie says or does

On Sunday Jolie was going potty and when she got up she said look mommy I made an alliator (alligator). I about died, she said it just like she would have if she would of made it out of Play-Doh. The things that come out of kids mouths really are priceless.

My favorite things that she says/does right now:
Mommy I want to hold you, when she wants to be held.
Geeen for Green.
Look Look- at anything and everything that she wants me to notice.
Tells me what color the Tykelight is going to turn, from red, blue, green, etc. She actually is really good at getting the colors right.
Opens her arms and says "Yo Gabba Gabba" just like Dj Lance.

I know there are more, but I am drawing a blank.

Gardening has begun:
I started planting our garden this week, and Jolie is all about helping. Helping to pull out the plants I have just put in that is. I have been trying to teach her that they are babies and that we have to be "nice" to them. She even has her own Apple mint plant, which today, she told me was thirsty. I am hoping that by giving her, her own plant it will help to teach her not to pull the leaves, or the plants out of the ground. We will see. I am now in search of her own gardening equipment, gloves, shovel, rack, etc.

On Sunday we went to the local farmers market and picked up some Roma, Beefsteak, Cherry, tomatoes, a few basils and an Apple mint. The Apple mint is my favorite, it makes the tastiest summer drinks, and works great for adding a little anti bacterial to my cleaning products. ( I can't stand chemical based cleaning products, they give me the worst migraine) All organic of course. I am hoping to pick up a few more herbs on Sunday, especially some Lemon Verbana.

Bad Blogger

I am just a bad blogger. I don't know why I can't seem to just blog. I think about it, and even write down things that I should just blog. But I don't. So here is my new goal. I am going to make a habit of attempting to blog every Tuesday. I would say I want to blog every day or every few days, but lets face it that is a very unrealistic goal to start with.

Enough about me being a bad blogger. Now on to the fun stuff. Last week we were in Newport Beach and it was fabulous. Not only is our place there beautiful, close to everything, it also has a toddler wadding pool that Jolie absolutely loved. We also went down to the beach and walked in the waves. Jolie was loving it, until a big wave knocked her down. It was pretty funny to watch( I actually caught it on video) but afterward she wanted nothing to do with the beach. In fact she couldn't run away fast enough. Since my last blog in Oct Jolie has become diaper free. We had to stop after we tried (last blog) due to the fact that Scott was gone, and Jolie missed him terribly, the stress was too much for her. In the end it all worked out, and she basically told me when she was ready. It was the day before Thanksgiving and Jolie came running up to me and said diaper off. I took it off and she went sprinting back to her potty, sat down an peed. She was so excited, and so were we. From that day on she wore underwear. It was a little challenging at first, because she didn't want to go poop on the toilet and would hold it and when she finally couldn't hold it any longer it would happen so fast, I would miss the toilet opportunity. Or she would get on the potty but would get scared when it came time to just go. Finally I started loading her up with fiber and when she started passing gas, we would just camp out in the bathroom. Sometimes on the potty, other times I would just wait and then we she showed signs put her on it. Eventually I just had to start convincing her she was going when she wasn't and finally she would "let go" It worked and next thing we knew she was running to the potty by herself to go. This was a blessing and a mess all rolled into one. The blessing was that she made it to the potty, the mess was that she insist on throwing it in the toilet herself. If you know anything thing about a toddlers dexterity, and aim then you know where the mess came from. So this bring me back to Newport- here we have been potty trained/accident free since January. Jolie did great on the ride there (6 hrs), she didn't have one accident and we only had to stop one time. I joke, that she is a little camel. Well when we got there she refused to use the big potty. Which is really weird because at home she used both the regular and her small one. So I had to go out and buy her another potty, because she wouldn't go on the big one without a fight and even then she would only go pee pee. Figures that my little Jolie would be picky and insist on having her own potty even on vacation.